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Laura Bize
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HappyCulture Collection, an innovative label, offers a unique hotel experience, with 100% personalised service throughout your stay.

HappyCulture Collection is a hotel brand representing several hotels all over France. It is differentiated by the quality of the services and the desire to make each customer "happy". Hospitality is clearly the starting point of their philosophy, but also sharing, welcome and comfort.

It is in August 2019 that agence 148 has the pleasure of taking charge of the graphic redesign of the site and the design of the technical and functional specifications. An inspiring project for the creative teams and which we have developed through collaborative work with the client. One of the most exciting projects I've ever had, I can't wait to show you more...

Work process

  • Design

  • Specification

  • Illustration

HappyCulture is the most creative project I've ever done, it's just beautiful. I'm very proud to have been able to bring this project to such a successful conclusion. And it wasn't always easy (hello charettes)! But the result is worth it. Apart from the design aspect, it is a human project. The one where I learned the most from my manager, clients and teams, with a particularly strong collaboration.