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Laura Bize
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Giving the voice to the student, Ania set up a innovative program

The "What do we eat" programme has made it possible to answer various questions that consumers have, such as the commitment of companies to recycling, nutritional improvement of products, etc... Several students went to meet different food companies. As Community Manager my mission is to set up a functional and intuitive editorial planning for the client. With a 4-step approach: teasing, launch, content distribution and end of campaign. We chose to broadcast on Twitter and LinkedIn only. For the launch of the campaign, we opted for live tweeting on 20 November 2017.

I was in charge of animating the 2 ANIA networks in real time, advising and making recommendations based on the results (readjusting the frequency of content, the days and times of publication, the types of content published... The editorial planning based on 7 key pieces of information: the date of publication, the theme of the post, the content, the visual, the redirection link of the post, the status and the number of characters (very important for Twitter)). A successful campaign that attracted a lot of interest and commitment from the ANIA community. The reports allowed us to adjust the strategy in real time and optimize the results of this campaign.