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Laura Bize
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Hi there, I'm Laura, 24 years old, Parisian and romantic girl (click anywhere on this site, you will see the most beautiful flowers ).

Soon to graduate from a double Master's degree in E-Business completed with 3 years of internship. It's now time for me to set off in search of my next challenge: my first permanent job as a digital project manager!


Bilingual after 1 year in Australia, I was able to be an Au Pair for 8 months in Brisbane (I loove this city) and then be the globetrotter I always wanted to be

I would particularly like to thank my dear friends who supported me in the creation of this site.

Gaétan Pautler, one of the best, most creative and talented colleagues I have ever met. Thank you for bringing this sensibility, for being so precise about what I wanted. It's beautiful as always/ To follow his work: Concrete Club studio

Rémi Lebigre, my pillar. Thank you for your support, your talent and your willingness. You already know everything...

Marie Weber is a talented illustrator who drew these sublime flowers that you can discover by clicking all over these pages. Thank you for adding the touch that was missing to make this site look just like me

Alexia Berrebi, the one, the only, the talented Alexia. Thank you for helping me write these lines and especially thank you for knowing me so well.

And thank you also to all the people who advised and assisted me all along this project! I am well surrounded and I am fully aware that this is a real opportunity.

As for you dear visitors, I hope that after browsing this site, you will know everything there is to know to make me your future recruit And if you want to know even more, don't hesitate to contact me, I'm always happy to exchange